What to look for in your London Headshot Photographer

Why does your company need new headshots?

There are many different reasons for getting a London Headshot Photographer to update the company “About Us” page with some great new Corporate Headshots.

1. They could look a little outdated and tired and just need a new set of eyes on them, bringing them up to the standard of your competitors.

2. You could be building a whole new website and the design of the last lot doesn’t go. Time to get new ones to match it.

3. Or you could have a whole load of new members to the company who are just using their old iphone shots alongside the other professional ones. Not great for creating a professional company headshot page!

Whatever the reason, it’s important to get the right fit for your company – someone who understands what you’re about and can get you the headshots required to take your website to the next level.

Choosing your London Headshot Photographer

It’s not easy trawling through all those headshot photographers up there on Google is it!  Have a look through the examples they have on their headshot pages to get a feel of their type of work. All Corporate Headshot Photographers in London have a different style and some may be more right for your firm than others.

What to discuss with your chosen headshot photographer

Once you’ve booked your headshot photographer, make sure you have a chat to discuss everything you want to get from the shoot. Do you just want Corporate Headshots? Or are you thinking of putting up some ‘action’ shots of members of the team in a ‘meeting’ throughout the website? Would you like to include some background of the location or office?

You need to make sure you’ve told the Headshot Photographer exactly what you want so they know before they arrive. It may make a difference to what equipment they bring along.  Plus the cost may differ depending on how they price the shoot.

The type of headshot

Talk through the look of the headshots you’d like. Would you like a plain backdrop for them? A plain backdrop helps to keep it all looking consistent plus is easier when there are any new members of the team to shoot.

Or would you prefer natural light and the outdoors as a background? Or the office behind?

Again it’s important to decide on this before the shoot.  Apart from anything else, the headshot photographer will need to know what to bring along!

That’s it for now folks but do get in touch if you need any advice at all. Am always willing to help!