Family and Children’s Photography.

Don’t make them pose, let them play! Gorgeous, natural shots of your children doing what they do best!

(Gallery of lovely pics below)


Fay Ripley.

Such great photos of my kids – thank you Little Face Photos.

Rachel. Grandma to Evie and Piper, Isan and Dylan, and little Bruce.

Henrietta has photographed 5 of my grandchildren with ages between two and six years. She has managed to capture each of these young children’s individuality without sentimentalising them. It is wonderful to have such natural and characteristic pictures of their early years. These photos will be a treasured and permanent reminder of that magic time when babyhood was just beginning to give way to childhood. Thank you, Henrietta!

Sasha, mum of Louis and Arthur.

Our two boys loved their photos session with Henrietta. It was so much fun and Henrietta managed to capture so many amazing moments. We were absolutely delighted with all the photos and will definitely go back to her next time we want updated ones. We can’t recommend her highly enough, she was brilliant!

Sam, mother of George, Freddie and Violet.

I have had photos done of my children before and found it not only stressful but the finished product was really poor – with Henri though, the session was so much fun my kids didn’t want to leave and the photos were absolutely stunning! I will definitely go back to her for updates as could not be happier with the results – they are works of art! Thanks so much, Henrietta!

Lucy, mother of Molly, Flossie and Henry.

Henrietta has such a rapport with children, as well as an incredible eye for taking natural, uncontrived photographs that my children really look forward to their annual photography session with her. She makes the sessions lots of fun and so manages to bring out their personalities on film in an effortless way.

Suzie, mother of Olive, Edie and Stanley.

We decided to have professional photographs of our children taken by Little Faces, as Christmas presents for all the relatives.  The whole experience was absolutely lovely.  Henrietta is fantastic, and merrily cajoled the children into being remarkably attractive, smiley and accommodating.  We ended up with many beautiful pictures to choose between and thoroughly enjoyed having the pictures taken and choosing them afterwards.  Henrietta was extremely helpful, very professional and very lovely, and the final pictures were brilliant real treasures.  Perfect.  Thanks, Henrietta.

Just how quickly do our kids grow up? Don’t miss out on a family photography session while your kids are still young!

Before you know it, those cute little smiles morph into snarling grimaces and your window to get those pictures is firmly shut! There’s nothing more special than a gorgeous picture of your child during those innocent years to gaze at even when they’re well into their teenage lives.

Why I love photographing families.

Family photography sessions are of a particular favourite of mine. Once upon a time, I was in front of the camera as an actress on children’s BBC TV but am now firmly and happily behind it taking all the pictures of your gorgeous children for you to treasure forever. With my simple and fun approach of ‘don’t make them pose, let them play’ I’ve now earned myself the place as one of North London’s leading children’s photographers.

With three (extremely) boisterous boys of my own and experience of teaching drama to the little ones at primary schools, I’ve honed the skills required to not only capture the playful spirit of childhood and take beautiful pictures of your children – but also to give them a great time while doing so. Come to my garden or the local woods and your children will have a great play unaware that while they play you will be getting some gorgeous family photos to treasure forever – that’s their outing and play done for the day as well as your family photography shoot.

Before the shoot.

Before the day of the shoot we’ll have a chat about what you’re looking for with your family photo shoot and make sure we’re all on the same page – when there are little kids involved it doesn’t pay to be too vague on the day. We’ll also discuss anything you should bring along and what to dress everyone in.

Depending on the age of the children I may advise bringing along some (little, non-chocolatey) treats to keep them happy if all gets a little tetchy. On the subject of tetchiness, it doesn’t matter at all if they don’t ‘behave impeccably’ – we’re after natural shots of kids doing what kids do, not pictures of them posing with a rictus grin planted on their faces that are nothing like their usual expression. And there’s nothing like a grumpy face to look ‘thoughtful’ in pictures anyway so no need to stress or fret on my account.

What happens during the shoot?

My family photography sessions normally take place in the woods nearby but I can just as easily come to a park near to you or your garden. We generally just let the kids have a bit of a play – (which in a park or woods is easy enough) while I snap away around them. In the case of group shots though and twosome shots, we obviously can’t shoot them together if they’re actually playing 10 feet from each other so in that case, they’ll need to all clamber on the fallen tree (in the case of my spot in Queens’ Woods) or any other suitable seating structure we can find. Those shots are just as natural and un-posey but obviously, there’s a degree of sitting relatively still all together so we can get some great, sharp images of family groups.

The family photography shoot generally lasts no more than an hour (usually around the maximum the kids are happy to be followed around by a strange lady with a camera) after which you’re all free to go off and play or grab a coffee while I take the images home with me to start work on.

After the shoot.

Once I’ve loaded up all the images and deleted any less than marvellous ones, I’ll start some general post-production on them all before loading them all up on to a contact sheet to send over to you to view. Once you’ve had a good look through them we can discuss which ones you’d like and in which format, size, colourway etc. Once you’ve picked them I start working the magic – retouching, editing, cropping and making them beautiful before ordering them in the sizes you’d like.

There are all sorts of ways to have your family photos – whether as a print, a canvas or a block board, we can discuss this all before you decide. And then you will have those beautiful pictures of your loved-ones to gaze at forever. I still have the pictures of my three from when they were small on my walls – even though they’re now big grumpy teens.


Print Package:



Photo-shoot (however long it takes)

Contact sheet of all the images in low resolution

Free print up to size 6 x 4

Low-resolution watermarked copies of your ordered images for Facebook etc…

(Extra re-touched prints start at £55)

Digital Images Packages:



Photo-shoot (however long it takes!)

Contact sheet of watermarked images in low resolution

4 edited, re-touched high resolution digital images

£595 includes:

Photo-shoot (however long it takes)

Contact sheet of watermarked images in low resolution

10 fully edited and re-touched high resolution digital images

Extra digital images for both these packages – £85 each (or less if ordering in groups of at least 5)

NB. No need to choose the package before the shoot – you can decide when you’ve seen the contact sheet! 

Please do get in touch if you'd like to have a chat about a possible shoot - I'd be delighted to hear from you!

07973 825734

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