Business Headshots.

Portrait Photography.

“It’s one thing to take a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are” – Paul Caponigro

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Corporate Headshots.

Show the world who you are and what you can do. A business is made up of people – your audience wants to see who they are.

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Carmela Inguant, Gherson Law Firm.

Henrietta is so personable and friendly and was brilliant at putting everyone at ease which resulted in great shots being taken. I would highly recommend her without hesitation!

Catherine Silwal, Teelan and Silwal Family Law.

We were delighted with the headshots for our new firm’s website. Henrietta is talented, imaginative, professional and efficient. She also provided an excellent service and it was a pleasure to work with her.

Karen Williams, Doyle Clayton Law Firm.

Henrietta was amazingly professional when taking our photos for our new website. They look fantastic and she made everyone feel at ease. She kept me updated throughout. A pleasure to have on site at our four offices. Would highly recommend.

Kirsty Hanly, Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Coach.

If you are looking to get some great portraits of yourself or your team I highly recommend Henrietta. The shoot was relaxed and fun and I’m really happy with the pictures that she took – so many people have commented on them. I really recommend updating your website or publicity material regularly and a new set of fresh photos can make all the difference.

Samantha Perkins, Nutritionist.

Can totally recommend Henrietta – anyone that can take a half decent photo of me without making me cry is fantastic! totally painless and actually really good fun and now have amazing photos for my website too! A brilliant portrait photographer.

Louise Stacey, Director of 'Glamgiving'.

Henrietta photographed me for my social media and website profiles. This was a professional, quick and effortless process in her home studio with a great selection of varied shots to choose from. I’m so happy with the results.

James Larkin, TV and Film Director.

Even after being an actor for 30 odd years I still absolutely hate having my photo taken but with Henrietta it was easy. I needed a good shot for my directors’ website and Henrietta was brilliant. I wish I’d used her as an actor all those years! Love the pics and had fun in the process! Thanks!

Tania Urban, Managing Director at "Otto and Ella".

I was not looking forward to sitting in front of a camera but I actually ended up having lots of fun and I’m SO pleased with the headshots!! I actually got some printed for my parents and husband as it was the first time I’d liked pictures of myself. Thanks Henrietta!

Mary McIlroy, Counsellor.

Your headshot has really made a huge difference to my flow of traffic, I believe having a professional headshot is definitely a case of a picture saying much more than words can. Thank you so much, Henrietta, for the trouble you went to.

Rehab Abbas, Managing Director at EWest Connect.

Working with Henrietta was the best ever experience I’ve ever had with a photographer. She is a talented person and a professional photographer. Her talent is not only about being an expert photographer but also on how to read her clients’ minds and meet their expectation. Satisfaction and excellency are definitely some of her keywords. Thank you so much, Henrietta, for the wonderful shots you took for me.

Nathalie Roth.

If you need pictures or professional headshots for your business I highly recommend Henrietta. She makes you feel so comfortable you even have fun! What I like is that she captures your essence. Thank you for my beautiful pictures, Henrietta!

Corporate Headshots.

Is your company ‘About me’ page looking a bit old hat and tired? Could it be turning prospective clients off? If the answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’, then you probably need some corporate headshots. These days we’re all used to seeing who the company members are and with that we get an idea of the team’s ethos and spirit.

It’s no good now to have individual headshots of each person taken in different spots around the world or with their iPhone against their white walls – this no longer looks professional and the sense of cohesion with a company can get lost. Having a great ‘About Us’ page really shows the professionalism and character of the company and reinforces your company’s values. A business is made up of people, so it makes perfect sense to showcase your members in the best possible light. That’s where corporate headshots come in.

I bring the studio to you.

Whether it’s shooting all the members of a large law firm or a small PR company in Soho, there’s no need for any of you to budge an inch or trudge to the other side of town. I bring my small portable studio along to set up in the corner and get some great shots of each member – all uniform and consistent to place together in a great gallery on the webbie. The process of getting impressive corporate headshots is never as scary as everyone thinks it’ll be and I make very sure that everyone is happy with their photos before moving onto their colleagues.

Group shots

Make the most of having a photographer at your office and get some group shots and ‘in action’ pics to show you all in your workplace. We can discuss what you’d like to convey in these prior to the shoot.


Keeping it consistent

To make it all stay consistent and looking great, whenever there are any newbies to the team they can always come to my studio near to Finsbury Park to get theirs taken with the same backdrop – saves the hassle for you of me coming in again and also works out to be more economical. If you’d rather a more corporate background to the portraits but you’d like to come to me we can use some wonderful “office” backdrops that look very real and are simple and easy to incorporate. No need for anyone to actually be in an office these days – even for their corporate headshot shoots!

Before the shoot.

Prior to the scheduled corporate photoshoot, we’ll discuss what kind of impression of your business you want to convey. Whether it’s more relaxed, or a bit more serious, I can advise on what to wear, the colour scheme and the general ‘look’ that would work best for your company. I love to work around ideas you may have for your company photoshoot – whether you want to use the office as the backdrop, a backdrop I bring or an outside space such as a nearby park.

What happens during the shoot?

As well as the all-important corporate headshots, I’ll take group shots as well – employees and partners engaged in a meeting perhaps, or whatever combination of groups you like. These types of business photos are perfect for newsletters, annual reports, and any other marketing campaign.

Believe me, it really is painless – and from what most of my clients say – it’s actually really good fun! I promise your team will all be laughing and smiling away. Serious, stuffy corporate headshots of non-smiling staff are a thing of the past!


Corporate headshot and group prices vary depending on the job and its requirements but can be quoted quickly once I have some idea of what you’d like.  Please get in touch for more information.

Half day from £550

Full day from £900

Portrait Photography.

These days it’s not enough to have wonderful text and reviews on your website, those clients need to be drawn in by the prospect of working with YOU and that can only happen when there’s a great profile picture of someone they feel they’ll be comfortable with. Someone who appears to be professional yet personable with a touch of warmth and friendliness thrown in there too.

Apart from making sure my clients look gorgeous, my talents lie in making sure we get the ‘essence’ of you – the character and personality behind  your business – not just a one-dimensional face staring out from the page. My business headshot shoots are informal and fun creating the perfect atmosphere for some great, relaxed headshots of you being you on a very good day! 

And no need to worry about the background of your portraits not looking corporate enough if you work from home but still want to appear ‘officey’ – I have some amazing backdrops here to pop behind you. Not only are they very realistic but your ‘office’ probably looks more snazzy than any normal one you could hire for the day! 😉

A bit of extra help.

If you fancy having a treat and being made to feel extra confident and gorgeous we can also book in one of my wonderful make-up artists to work a little of their magic before sitting in front of the camera. This is often a lovely thing to do. Apart from making you feel lovely, it’s a lot of fun. There will also be time for a great bit of nattering (let alone nosing through all the products laid out on my kitchen table).

Many of my clients like to have their hair done before the shoot . We’re very lucky here in Crouch End as we have a ridiculous amount of wonderful hairdressers to choose from, all literally at the end of my road.

What actually happens at the shoot?

The Headshot Package 

This is the most popular package. To begin with we’ll have a chat to get a good idea of who you are, what your business is about and how best to show you and your brand.  Once we’ve got a good idea we put down our cups of coffee and start on the shoot. I take up to around 200 shots of you in a variety of different outfits and with changes of backdrops and backgrounds ensuring you not only have a great choice afterwards but also lots of different headshots for use over the next few years.

A couple of days after the shoot I will send you a watermarked contact sheet of all the images for your perusal.  From this, you then choose five of your favourites for me to re-touch, beautify and make resolution perfect before sending them over to you in high resolution for all your printing and online needs. Your favourites can be edited for you in black and white as well as colour if required.

The Ultra Basic Quick Headshot package 

This shoot is suitable for a company member who just needs a basic shot against a plain backdrop in order to be added to the company website.  It’s not recommended for anyone with their own website looking to get a variety of shots to choose from and with enough time to get the perfect pic! 

It’s a quickie with a handful of images to choose from resulting in one retouched digital image. 

Headshot and branding shoot on location or at your workplace 

Sometimes just getting a headshot isn’t quite enough. For some professions or businesses it really helps to have some branding shots taken too. Some ‘action’ shots of you at work, you out and about, you with your dog – whatever it is that’ll show that little bit more of you and give your business a little more of an identity online.

We all know how time-consuming it can be to keep up with our social media content – and know only too well how important images are to engage our followers. With this package you’ll take away enough content to last you ages as well as some wonderful shots for your websites and any other editorial needs.

In this case, depending on what we feel is the right way to go for you we can either meet out on location, at your workplace or still at my home studio – or a mixture of all of the above. We’ll have a good chat beforehand and come up with a nifty plan before meeting up and getting you a wonderful set of photos to enhance your business for years to come.

So in a nutshell:


The Headshot Package

.  Pre-shoot chat

.  Shoot with around 5/6 changes of clothing

.  Shooting with different backgrounds and ‘looks’ plus some ‘action shots’ if required

.  Contact sheet of around 1-200 watermarked images to choose from

.  Your favourite 5 images – all retouched, edited and sent over to you in high resolution (extra retouched images available at £55 each)


The Ultra Basic Quick Headshot package

.  Pre-shoot chat

.  One outfit

.  One ‘look’ and background

.  Contact sheet of around 20 watermarked images to choose from

.  One image edited, retouched and sent to you in high resolution (extra retouched images available at £55 each)


The Headshot plus branding package

. Pre-shoot chat

. Half a day out and about shooting on location, at your workplace or at my studio

. Many changes of clothing

. Many setups of different ‘action’ shots

. Around 100 headshot images to choose from 

. Around 100 or so ‘action’ shots to choose from

. 50 or so of the action shots as high res digital images

. 5 Edited, retouched headshot high resolution digital images

From £750

Please do get in touch if you'd like to have a chat about a possible shoot - I'd be delighted to hear from you!

07973 825734

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