Interior Photography.

I love interior photography. I’m obsessed with anything interior design and love reading blogs, articles and magazines on the subject.

Because of this passion, I like nothing more than being able to go into a space to get some gorgeous shots of it – whether a home, office or anything else. I love to get images of the whole room and capture the feel of the space but I love just as much getting those depth of field shots of pieces and furniture that can really tell a tale just by the hint of a gorgeous corner or beautiful door handle.

Before the shoot.

We’ll discuss exactly what you’re looking to get from your interior photography photo shoot. If you’re an interior designer and wanting some ‘after’ shots of your project we can discuss what you’d like included in the shoot and how you’d like it to come across – whether the spaciousness of the area or the cosiness – particular corners and architectural highlights all need to be included and we’ll make sure we cover it all.

After the shoot.

After loading up all the images from the interior photography session, I’ll delete any less than marvellous ones, then make sure I do some extensive post-production on the best images – often involving straightening up lines and working on the perspective of the pictures – before sending them all over to you in high res for any printing or online use.

I work with many interior designer, architects, property developers and manufacturers – whoever it is, it’s always a joy to step into the property and shoot images that really make it sparkle.

Please do get in touch if you'd like to have a chat about a possible shoot - I'd be delighted to hear from you!

07973 825734

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