Why you still need to think about your Business Headshots – with or without a job

What a year it’s been eh? Now that we’re just beginning to crawl back out again it’s actually rather hard to believe it all happened.  As we all emerge, it’s interesting to see how we’re coming back to life and how the last year may have changed it – even for the better.

Some people are still in the same jobs having been sitting in their bedrooms working all year, some have lost their jobs and are completely re-thinking the future, and others have taken this last year to start something completely new.  Whatever everyone’s doing, one thing is certain – Business Headshots are still as important as ever.

Business Headshots for your personal brand

Why do I need a Business Headshot if I’m not even working at the moment? I hear you ask. The answer to that is that we’re all our own personal brand and whether working or not we convey a huge amount about ourselves with just our Facebook profile pics.  If you think of the number of people seeing your face every day online, whether in a professional capacity or on your personal social media platforms – that’s a lot of self-marketing!  It doesn’t matter what you’ll be turning your hand to, the most important thing you have to offer is yourself. Your headshot out there on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media is working for you 24/7.  It makes sense then to keep doing it right!

Keeping your Business Headshots consistent

These days it’s no longer quite so important to have that formal headshot on Linkedin. Yes, you need to look professional but it’s not necessary to always use that corporate backdrop and that oh-so-serious expression. Likewise, your other profile headshots don’t need to be so far the other way.  We all know what an effect that seeing the same image consistently has on advertising so how about going for a great professional headshot that is also warm and friendly enough for all your other social media profiles too? Having the same picture on all your online profiles keeps your brand consistent – even if that brand is just yourself for the time being.

Hopefully, we’ll soon be back to meeting up both professionally and socially and can charm with our personalities once again. In the meantime just make sure your personal brand is working for you out there even if you’re not!