Professional Headshots

Professional headshots and what’s behind them

Being asked recently what it was that I loved most about my job I had a mini revelation.   Apart from enjoying shooting gorgeous images and professional headshots for my clients and all the creativity that that involves I realised that one of the best things about my work is the people I meet and their stories.

Stories of lives lived

Everyone who walks through my door has a tale to tell – whether it’s as a life story or something to do with their work.  It’s amazing the interesting stories I’m lucky enough to listen to and the inspiration I get from the person behind the lights.  A common theme is a mid-life about-turn, finding a new career or vocation often in complete contrast to the jobs they’ve had before.  Often for us women in particular, especially if having had children, we need to create something new either to fit around home life or just because the old job just doesn’t work for us anymore.

The different routes my clients have taken

It really is amazing to see how many different routes there are out there to take.  The paths some people find themselves on are amazingly diverse. Often they would never have imagined turning their hands to them before and now find life is better than ever.

Often the roads to these new passions have come through challenging situations or lives that haven’t gone according to plan. It’s always wonderful and so inspiring to listen to the excitement of what lies ahead for everyone – even if it’s not the easiest of challenges.

There are so many possibilities out there these days it seems that the one life, one career thing is a thing of the past and we’re all embracing the idea of experiment and change. I know that after years as an actress it has been amazing to move to the other side of the camera and build a thriving business of my own that I have complete control of.

A new year is a good time to re-think.   Having heard the journeys my clients have been on it’s clear that anything is possible – however small the change!

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful stories – big and small!