Portrait Photography London

 Portrait Photography at a London Lawyers’ Conference

I had a great time shooting this Lawyers’ conference in London. They’d come from all over the world and needed not only great conference ‘action’ shots but new Portrait Photography of each of them to go with it all. A very jovial bunch, they seemed to be having a great time away!  I scooted around them as they all chatted and talked through law issues, shooting them in deep discussion around the table.

Shooting the Portraits

I’d set up my backdrop and lights in one of the larger rooms to the side of the main event so it was easy to grab the lawyers one by one. In spite of the larks, I think each person was quite relieved to get away from it all for a minute or two.  As much fun as it all seemed to be I imagine it was all rather exhausting too.

Sitting on my stool in the relative peace of my ‘studio’ gave them time to regroup and relax. Everyone hates having their headshots taken (me included!) but for these guys, it meant a little ‘me time’ in the middle of it all. They were all so helpful and friendly and only too happy to sit there having a little chat while I shot them! I work with a lot of lawyers and have always found them to be a lot of fun in spite of the seriousness of their job.

If you need Portrait Photography for your Conference, Event or just for the teams’ Headshots please do get in touch!