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Ten things not to do the night before your headshot shoot

You’ve booked in your headshot shoot with a great photographer London and you’re intending on just turning up and winging it on the day. After all, what could possibly go wrong?  You’ll just need to brush your hair, bung on some lippy and stand there won’t you?

Hmm well, where shall I start? Ok I won’t, I’ll just list a few top tips on what NOT to do the night before your headshot shoot.  Do as I say and all should go swimmingly….;)

Photographer London – Don’t….

  • DRINK (Alcohol that is) – hungover is not a good look
  • STAY UP LATE – nor is half-asleep
  • GET A COMPLETELY NEW HAIRCUT – you’ll be up all night crying.
  • EAT SALTY, FATTY FOOD – not good for skin or hair and leads to alcohol
  • WEAR YOUR CHOSEN CLOTHES –  creases and last night’s dinner loses clients
  • BOOK IN A STRESSFUL MEETING – you won’t be prepared plus will lead to salty fatty food and alcohol
  • GO TO BED WITH GREASY HAIR – you’ll wake up with it too – last minute washing is risky
  • BITE YOUR NAILS – your face might look professional but your hands will give the game away.
  • HAVE AN EYEBROW PLUCKING FIESTA – you’ll need something on top of your eyes
  • DITTO FOR SPOT-SQUEEZING  – there’s only so much make-up can hide.


Photographer London