Using great online dating photography to find ‘The One’

Why it’s so important to get a great photo for your online dating profile

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to meet our future loved-ones in a natural setting, through mutual friends or during an evening at the pub? While that may still be possible on the odd occasion, as we all know it’s all about the apps these days. Horrendous as it seems to most people, online dating apps do seem to be the best way to meet like-minded folks looking for love just like yourself.  With 1 in 5 people meeting their partners online, online dating is where it’s at – not just for the odd few but by the masses. Like it or not – it’s where you need to be!

How a great online dating photo can help

With this in mind, once you’ve decided to go for it you may as well do it properly and go all-out to present yourself in the best possible light. When looking for love online choosing the right profile photos can make all the difference. Having a great online dating profile pic can also help with your own feelings of confidence. Seeing yourself up there looking glorious, hinting at your lovely personality does wonders for the old self-esteem. It’s something we all need at the best of times let alone when doing something that can make us feel so vulnerable!

Your profile content is obviously so important too but with the photo the first thing those peeps out there will see it’s so important to grab their attention. Once that’s done they can read your fabulous info!

New online profile photo – a new adventure

I love taking online dating photos. Knowing that I’m helping someone to find love is a wonderful feeling.  I know just how nerve-racking a photoshoot can seem to be but I make sure it’s always fun, low-key, unscary and actually a really uplifting experience. It’s the first step on a new adventure and a leap into what could be the best thing you’ve ever done.  What could be more important than giving yourself the best chance at finding love after all?!

Where to shoot your new online dating photos

Where you are in the dating photos can say a lot about you so it’s worth giving the location a bit of a think too.  Would you like a picture of you amongst nature in the woods or a field? Maybe an urban setting is more up your street (if you’ll pardon the pun!)  Have a little chat with your photographer about the best way to present you and your personality. It’s fun to think about it and what locations speak about you best.

North London for a backdrop

Living here in North North London I’m lucky to be surrounded by some great places to shoot.  The woods in Highgate, the gorgeous parkland of Kenwood and Hampstead Heath – they all provide perfect backdrops for some beautiful portraits.  Wherever you are though you’ll find a perfect spot. Have a little look around your house too for that corner that could be the ideal frame.  If you’d feel more comfortable being in your own environment then stay there! It’s all about you –  and feeling comfortable and happy will create the most gorgeous portrait photos after all.

Examples of online dating photography

I don’t put my online dating photos up on my gallery on here as I feel it’s a very personal thing for people and they may not appreciate being on here but if you look at my headshot gallery it should give you a little bit of an idea of my style.

With online dating photoshoots, I do like to make sure it looks far more natural than business portrait photography.  Often we mock it up a little to create the look of a natural picture taken at a party or just whilst sitting in the garden. I have been known to hand a lovely client a glass of wine – just as props of course 😉 to add to the ‘guest at a party’ look. Most people would rather the photo didn’t seem too produced after all – we want it to look like someone has just happened to take a rather wonderful photo on the spur of the moment!

So go ahead with gusto! It’s an exciting step forwards, not a horrendous ordeal to suffer through  (Promise!)

Think of it like that and you’re laughing  – hopefully in the pics too! 🙂