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If you change ONE thing this year – let it be your webbie profile pic!

What do YOU look at first?

What’s the first thing you look at when you open a magazine?  If you’re anything like me you’ll go straight to the photo and IF it hooks you in might then go to read the article.  If there isn’t a pic you may very well skip the page and turn straight to the next one that does.

Now think what it’s like for all those prospective clients trawling that world-wide web looking for someone just like you to do a job you’d be perfect for.  With so much competition on-line it’s never been so important to grab attention and despite your best intentions with all that wonderful text you’re only going to hook those clients in if there’s a great pic there for them to see.  We’re still all human (despite our reliance on techie tools) and all want to work with someone we feel we can connect with.  Clients are swayed by a photo of someone warm, appealing and professional so if you still have that holiday pic with your partner’s arm still in frame or worse still have no photo at all, those lovely clients will soon be turning the page and clicking on the web-site of a competitor who has.  Don’t lose the gig because of something so simple!

You may have spent days, weeks or even months writing out those testimonials and composing your ‘About Me’ page but if there’s no you on there it’ll all be wasted.  You are your business and your business is you….EMBRACE YOUR FACE!!