Marriage Proposals


Time for you to take matters into your own hands girls

Leap Year comes around once in every four years and really there’s nothing stopping you doing it at any other time.  The permission for us girls to propose only then seems ludicrous really but  why not use this leap year to take matters into your own hands?  Without leaving it to chance (and your other half!) you can make your marriage proposals as romantic and fabulous as you like.  And make it an occasion you’ll both remember forever.

Getting others involved

It’ll be difficult to have a photographer on hand to capture the surprised look on his face (having a stranger following you around holding a camera could possibly give the game away slightly!).  You can always grab someone nearby. They should be only too happy to be involved and take some photos of possibly the most important moment of your lives.  Don’t be shy, you’ll regret it in years to come – you can even have him/her in a photo with you to remember just for a laugh.

It’s becoming increasingly popular these days to have some formal engagement pics done too.  Don’t just wait ’til the big day when you’re all spruced up in your gown and feeling stressed. Get some taken in your civvies,  all loved-up and before the mountain of organisation has started.

So go on girls – take the leap.  There won’t be another really good excuse for the next four years and it’s time to take matters into your own hands!


For help with the big day once this little matter is sorted – what about a party planner? Let someone else take the heat off you so you can enjoy the event, however big or small you want it! And what about someone to help with your style? Once these small obstacles are sorted all you need is your photographer to capture it all forever….;)