Portrait photographer london

SO – you’ve been single for a while and have now decided that it’s time to take your life into your own hands.  Your friends’ promises of their “gorgeous single friend who is SO right for you” never really materialised (and if they did they SO weren’t) and those sons of your mother’s friends were only really right for her!  You’ve decided it’s time.  Others have met their partners on-line, and these days far from it being something to keep secret it’s now the ‘in’ way to meet your life mate.  Good – time to get pro-active.

You spend hours writing up your witty text, describing yourself in all your gorgeous glory then you bung on that iPhone pic you think will just about do and sit back and wait for it all to begin.  Unfortunately though, there are others out there too and some of them have got themselves a really great professional photographer to take their pic and are out there with the confidence that a gorgeous headshot brings.

Think about it – when you open a magazine what’s the first thing YOU look at – the photo or the text?  If you’re anything like me it’ll be the image and if that draws me in I’ll start reading the article on the page – this is exactly the same online especially in the case with online dating.  It’s so important to get your picture right.  Don’t let your future life-time partner ‘turn the page’ because the photo didn’t quite draw him/her in.

You only have one life – give it all it’s got!

Come to me, portrait photographer london and let’s get that shot…