Headshot Photography London

The Importance of great headshot Photography

How life has changed for us all over the last few months!  Our lovely London town centre and city is virtually empty and business is continuing frantically either on Zoom or just via email.  For those whose ‘normal’ was a life filled with face to face meetings and chats over cuppas in the office kitchen all has changed dramatically.  However lovely our lie-ins are and the lack of having to get dressed, most of us would prefer to be out there doing our business. So how can great Headshot Photography can help move your business forward whilst sitting in your pjs?

Most of us had already realised the value of a great headshot. Not only does it show the face of your business but it helps to draw in potential clients.  Now, while we’re not meeting up in person anymore they’re more important than ever in order to bring some humanity back into their correspondence and conversation. Being able to really ‘see’ who we are dealing with is so important for trust when dealing with someone new.  A really good headshot will show who you are – the essence of you and not just a one-dimensional image – and will help to bring character and personality to your brand or business.  Without one, you really are just a typed name and address and will remain anonymous to the person at the other end of the conversation. This is a great time to get this part of your marketing sorted out.

How I can help

I’m offering studio shoots with all COVID regulations in place as well as even more socially distanced Doorstep shoots. These doorstep shoots are not only safe but proving to be rather wonderful! The lighting from the hallway beyond is dynamic and gorgeous and it’s so convenient for the client too. All they need to do is brush their hair and open the door!  Do get in touch if you’d like some new headshot photography and let’s have a chat!