Headshot Photography – on Zoom?

How life has changed eh? For one thing, how many of us had even known or heard of Zoom until a few months ago? And yet these days, for anyone still lucky enough to be working it has become their office and their home – let alone their local pub!  With this in mind, it’s really worth thinking about how we promote ourselves and how we are viewed by our potential clients there. Your Zoom profile photo can really up your game so it may be time to think of some Headshot Photography at last.

Headshot Photography – getting seen up there

Most of us by now have realised the importance of having great Headshot Photography to represent our business – whether on our websites or as our social media profiles but have we all thought about our Zoom profiles?  It’s a great opportunity to show how professional you are. It’s pretty simple to do too so just grab your professional pic and upload it onto your Zoom profile. This way your business will instantly have a ‘face’ – whether you’re at the meeting yet or not. Don’t just leave that bit empty!

Whether we’re all going to remain on Zoom for much longer or not, it’s still going to be a big part of our working lives. We’ve certainly learnt a lot about it over the past few months and seems to be here to stay. With all this spare time some of us are having let’s make sure our Zoom presence is top notch.

It’s amazing how these little things can help to give you confidence when things are feeling so discombobulated.  And as that supermarket (we can’t get through to at the moment) says – every little helps!