How to get the best make-up for your photo shoot – professional and corporate headshots

Below is a guest blog from the wonderful make-up artist Camilla Collins on how to get the best make-up for your photo shoot – using her tips helps my job no end!!

Tips on getting the best makeup for your photo shoot

A professional headshot can do wonders for your business and while you’ve done your research and gone to the effort of finding a fantastic photographer to bring out the very best in you, you want to ensure you are looking at your best too!
First things first, when it comes to headshots you want to look like you… but on a really good day!  When I am working with corporate individuals the last thing I want to do is create a makeup that makes them look nothing like they normally do, instead I seek to enhance their best features to make them look the very best version of themselves.
We all want to look natural and effortlessly beautiful in our photographs and this all starts with glowing skin.  Regularly cleansing, toning and moisturising will ensure your skin is looking at it’s best but for those with particularly dry skin you may need some extra help with a serum.
If it comes to the day of your shoot and your skin is looking particularly dry then gently patting on a face oil or hydrating serum before application of any makeup can really help hydrate you sing and allow your makeup sit nicely.
Beware of fake tanning!  If you haven’t take the right precautions prior to tanning then you could end up with a very dirty looking face instead of the sun kissed glow you were after.  If your skin is particularly porous then the tan can collect in your pores leaving black spots which are near impossible to cover up nicely with makeup.
Dry, cracked lips can make you look particularly rundown so a touch of Vaseline or Carmex on the lips when you start applying your makeup will allow it to soak in and work its magic in time for your lipstick application.  If there is a lot of dry skin then gently exfoliating them with a tooth brush should help remove any dead skin cells and also circulate the blood for a perfect pout!
As for a base, everyone’s needs are different.  I use different foundations for oily, dry and combination skin.  When it comes to photography, you can take a little more makeup and colours have the potential to be dulled down through do camera but don’t go overboard!  If in doubt, your photographer can take some test shots and you can see how the makeup looks on camera.
I would lightly contour the face to stop looking it flat.  The main places to add a little shadow would be under the cheekbones (we all love to see them!) the sides of the forehead and gently along the hairline, this can add a soft healthy glow.  I would also gently shadow along the jawline as this will help to project your face forward and is also a great way to get rid of any jowls…
I would keep the eyes quite natural using earthy tones such as soft browns and cashmeres and a slightly darker brown to enhance the crease.  This will work harmoniously with the natural tones of your skin and contours of your face.
As for lipstick, this is usually dependant on what you are wearing.   Darker colours will make your lips appear smaller where as a tinted gloss could be more natural but this is all dependant on the person and skin tone – too pale a lipstick could make you looked washed out.  Remember, you want to look like yourself – if you don’t normally wear bright pink lipstick then now is not the time to try it out, similarly if you have a staple bright red lipstick that you wear day in and day out then go for it!