Family Photography in Muswell Hill

I don’t normally continue with a family photography shoot on a horrible wet day but with few weekends to choose from we all decided to just go for it and hope for the best. And I’m so glad we did!

Autumnal protection on a family photography shoot in Muswell Hill

With Autumn still in all its glory, there were still enough leaves on the trees to shield us. So off we all went to my special little spot in Queens Woods, Muswell Hill to try our damndest to get some fabulous shots for this lovely family.

And it worked! We barely noticed any drops of rain and were all completely amazed once we left the shelter of the woods. It was bucketing it down out there!

Family Photography shoot and Invitations from little clients

It’s not often I get invited to a picnic by my clients. It seems Raffa was keen to continue though and his offer of getting together in the summer for a picnic was the best invite I’d had all year! Especially with the promise of milk, Pom Bears and his cats’ ashes. If picnicking with this little angel is half as much fun as shooting him on a rainy day in North London then I can’t wait!