Family Photography North London – Highgate

This Family Photography session in North London was a joy from start to finish.  A family of the most delicious four boys ever (which of course doesn’t throw me at all – considering I have three of my own!)

Highgate Woods – a perfect location for family photography

As they were a local Crouch End family we went up to the woods in Highgate, near Muswell Hill, North London for this fun family photography session and plonked ourselves down on my favourite fallen tree to start it all off.

Once we’d got a couple of group shots of them all it was time to let the boys loose.  Thankfully none of them ran away but rather did all they can to help the photoshoot along!  We managed to get so many gorgeous family photos in all different variations and groupings whilst having great fun in the meantime.  It could all have something to do with their parents being the most chilled couple ever!

Apart from being so easy to shoot I also loved the clothes they turned up in – all stripes and bold colours giving the family photoshoot a lovely timeless quality.  I also love shooting in the woods as the trees give such a wonderful backdrop to the family photos

The older two boys were SO helpful with their gorgeous little twin brothers.  I was in awe of the whole thing – not for a minute being able to imagine my lot being quite that sweet and charming. Maybe it’s time for me to employ a family photographer myself 😉

In the meantime if you’d like to join me sometime in the woods, park or even your garden for a fun family photography session in North London or anywhere else please do get in touch – I’d love to chat with you!