Family Photography North London

5 tips for a fantastic family photography shoot

SO – you’ve booked your family photography photoshoot, given the kids a lecture on how important it’ll be to smile, behave and not kick the photographer. You’ve checked the weather reports and now it’s just a matter of turning up and letting the photographer capture your little darlings in all their playful glory.

BUT – if you want to get the most out of the shoot and get the sort of images you’re going to be staring at lovingly for years to come there are a few things you can do to help it on its way….

Some thoughts for before your family photoshoot


Think about the colour scheme. Do you want it to be a matched affair with the whole family in the same colours or are you going for a more relaxed, outdoorsy feel? I love teaming spots, stripes and flowery fabrics as it gives a more vintage look to the pics. Those matching white t-shirt/denim jeans looks are very popular too.

Are the clothes you’ve chosen clean and ironed? Dirty marks can, of course, be photoshopped but it’s always good to start off as clean and tidy as poss!


Is your family photography photoshoot booked for the most conducive time? Bear in mind the sleep times if you have younger children. For little ones who still nap once or twice a day it’s best to catch them at the beginning of their awake times as they’ll soon get irritable once the next nap is due and though sleeping shots are very cute they’re not really what you want in this instance!


Have you got the snacks!! There’s often nothing you can do once your little one has decided they don’t want to be there and even less if they decide to throw one of their tantrums. There’s nothing like delving into your bag in panic to find nothing there to help. Pack plenty of their favourite treats. Best to avoid anything THEY can hold as it’ll be difficult to get any pics without it bang in front of their face! Food that can be fed to them one small bit at a time by you is the best bet. Chocolate on a hot day could undo all your good work from no. 2 above!

Weather and being prepared

Wet weather gear! If it’s pouring down and it’s an outdoors shoot your photographer will more than likely postpone it. If, however, it’s been raining or looks like it may start to rain halfway through take the wellies! There’s nothing that can spoil the mood of the models like sliding around in your good shoes in the mud .

Think about the location of your family photography shoot – is it too far away, needing too much time in the car before you’ve even started? Try to pick a photographer who can either come to you or is local enough that you can meet somewhere near enough not to exhaust the kids.  I generally shoot in a gorgeous spot in Queens Woods in Highgate as it’s not only a beautiful location but near to me in Crouch End.

There are so many wonderful locations for family photography shoots in North London – Hampstead Heath and Highgate Woods are also gorgeous places to shoot – there are so many great spots around Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Highgate and Hampstead.  Your garden is another option too of course.

This all just leaves you to make sure the whole family has a good night’s sleep (not a given if you have little ones of course!). If they’re up all night don’t panic though – amazing how much kids actually do enjoy the whole experience and will rise to the challenge – before dropping off to give you the much-needed break straight afterwards! Have a great shoot!!

Henrietta Garden is a professional photographer based in Crouch End, North London, creating beautiful and creative photography for actors, businesses, parties and families.