Headshot Photographer London and her lovely Doorstep

A Headshot photographer and her year of lockdowns in London

So we’ve just been through the strangest year of our lives. Who would have thought we’d be cooped up in our homes for so long, having to navigate weird and wonderful new ways to live and work?! As a London Headshot Photographer who can’t exactly work remotely like so many others, it’s certainly been a steep learning curve!

Who knew the learning curve could bring quite such a wonderful new way to shoot though?! And who knew that my own front door could come to the rescue in such a beautiful way. Especially for all my lovely actors and their actors’ headshots!

It all started right back at the very beginning, back in those hot summer months when we were first made to frolic in our gardens and bake sourdough like loons.  In between yoga, clay modeling, and frenetic bouts of cooking, my street Whatsapp group was pinging with messages. A potter was offering us all clay to model with, other neighbours were doing massive clearouts and offering us all their rejects, and I suddenly came up with an idea.

Family photoshoots at their front doors

I had a thought that a lovely way for us all to remember this strangest of strange times would be photos of all the neighbours outside their front doors.  A reminder of our lovely London Crouch End community as well as a way to keep shooting without forgetting how to take a pic!

And so, over the next couple of weeks I shot them all as they each appeared at their front doors, hair brushed for the first time in weeks. It was lovely to see them all with their families as we all did what we could to get through the weirdness of that first lockdown.

I kept the front doors open as the light from the hallway beyond created such a gorgeous filmic quality – something I’d never realised before.  Looking at the family shoot images on my monitor after it occurred to me that my own doorstep could be perfect place for my Actors’ Headshots!

Actors’ Headshots on location

I love to shoot actors outdoors to use natural light for that gorgeous filmic quality and usually use a location nearby. The trouble with location photoshoots though is lack of any privacy for changes, let alone lack of a loo! Not only does my doorway give the best light ever but of course comes with a loo and place to change in warmth and privacy. And the best bit of all? The porch protects my actors from the weather! If it starts to rain it’s only the headshot photographer who suffers – which is fine by me! 🙂