Where to shoot your Corporate Headshots

When about to shoot your team’s Corporate Headshots there’s a lot to think about. What sort of ‘look’ you’re after to reflect your firm, how formal or informal the shots should be, what everyone should wear etc etc.

More often than not I’m found at the client’s main office popping up my backdrop and setting up those all-important lights to get some lovely sharp headshots. We may use a plain backdrop (useful for consistency and ease if we’ll be taking other newbies in the future) or else we may just use the office as a blurry background to the portraits.

Ringing the changes with Corporate Headshots

Recently I was asked by my clients to take the headshots and group company pics outside using our glorious London as the background. Armed with just my reflector we all set out to find some lovely location NOT bathed in direct sunlight (it was a rare sunny day this summer!) to shoot.

The client

Alliot Global Alliance (AGA) is one of the world’s largest international alliances of Independent accounting, law and specialist firms. They’re a lovely lot of peeps too!

They were looking to get some great new Corporate Headshots along with some group shots of them altogether. We also went back to the office after and got some ‘action’ shots. Pics of them all in ‘meetings’ as well as some more Headshots with the interior of the office in the background.

Planning corporate headshots for weather

It was tricky to plan to shoot outdoors, especially as everyone was coming from all corners of the globe for that one day! We decided to have the lights ready for an interior shoot should the heavens open.

I love the blurry background of the location shots though and think they bring the headshots to life.

What do you think?