The early days as a Children’s Photographer in North London

As a Children’s Photographer in North London, this photo of gorgeous Immy is one of my first-ever, shot oodles of years ago here in leafy Crouch End North London.

This was way back in the old days – before digital photography, can you imagine?? I had to actually go and BUY photographic film for this.

Not only that but, whilst clicking away I had to somehow keep everything crossed that all was in focus let alone looking good. Sounds nightmarish now. And that’s without the stress of taking the used film into the developers and the wait to actually SEE what I’d shot!

It’s hard to imagine how photographers managed the stress. Weddings must have been particularly harrowing, not knowing how the shoot is going until way after. Weddings can’t be repeated, unlike a portrait shoot. I never did shoot events but can only imagine the horror when the pics didn’t go as planned!

Stress aside, there is certainly something rather magical about an image like that. It’s pure and unable to be manipulated with a swipe here and a click there. It’s so nostalgic and of its time – almost makes me want to shoot more like that! Almost.

Shortly after this shoot Immy and her family moved across the globe to Australia – and she’s now a gorgeous twenty-something leading her life in this digital age.