What is Brand Photography?

We used to just talk about Headshots and Portrait Photography but these days there’s a lot out there about Brand Photogrpahy shoots and a lot of confusion as to what that actually is.

I have to say, even I was confused about the term until I realised it’s actually exactly what I offer anyway – just without that title! So here goes – let’s decipher it a little shall we.

Your brand

A  brand photography photoshoot is basically what it says on the tin. As a small business you are your brand. You are the face of your brand and it is you and your personality, ethos and drive that has created and sustained it. You have built your business through who you are and that is why your clients love you.

A Brand Photo Shoot is more than just a mere headshot against a backdrop – it’s showcasing the real you and hopefully revealing a little more about you to the world than just the two-dimensional photo.  

More than ‘just’ a headshot

Sometimes the shoot can involve showing you ‘at work’ – if you’re a yoga teacher you may want to show a little of your class in action, a life coach and it may be good to show you talking to a client (usually a mock-up in this case!) And so on.  If there’s a product involved that should be in the mix too.  It’s taking it a little further than just the headshot and going just that little bit deeper. 

Nothing fancy, nothing scary. Just making sure the photographer has a good understanding of you, what you offer, and just how special you are!

That’s all really. I think. Simple yet so important.

Does that make sense? If not please do shout and let’s have a chat to decipher what you may be looking for for your own brand.