Actors’ Headshots

My secret weapon for great Actors’ Headshots

Covid was dreadful – no doubt about it. I’m not saying for a minute that there was anything good about it at all. Apart from, for me, a discovery.

During the first lockdown when I wasn’t able to shoot headshots anywhere, let alone take any Actors’ Headshots I decided that if I couldn’t beat them I’d join them. As we were all allowed to pitch up at the end of people’s front paths I decided that that was where I’d be. Doing family photo shoots at the peeps of North Londons’ front doors. Not only did it mean I was still being creative and using my skills but for the families I was shooting it was an opportunity for them to dress up and do something a little different from baking and jumping up and down to Youtube.

What has this got to do with Actors’ Headshots?

This is all old news you may cry – and yes, it certainly does feel like that at the moment (and long may that last!) I’m now back to photoshoots with all and lovely sundry but some things have changed. It was while shooting at people’s front doors (with the front door open) I noticed how amazing the light was. The depth of the background beyond, against the light at the front gave such a filmic quality to the pictures. A quality that I’m always looking for with my actors’ headshots.

And now for my secret weapon

And so it came to pass that I took a good hard look at my front door, plonked the husband there for some experimenting, and came up with a whole new wonderful location. Plus some great new Actors’ Headshots for the old man! 😉

It’s great at my front door. Not only is the light perfect every single time (for my Actors’ Headshots I much prefer natural light) but my actors can utilise all there is to offer indoors (namely the loo!) as well as the warmth of a house to change in. No laying clothes out in a park or under a bridge and crossing their legs. We can even have cups of coffee during the shoot for god’s sake – how great is that! And rain? Pah – they’re under a porch, how bad can that be!

Actors’ Headshots in a studio

“That’s all well and good” you may be saying “but I like studio shots”. I shoot all my Business Headshots inside with all the glitz and glamour of my lights and backdrops etc so any actor is extremely welcome to utilise that too. There are no cut and dried rules – I prefer outdoor Actors’ Headshots mostly but can see the beauty in studio lighting for actors too. We can always do both!

What do you prefer for your Actors’ Headshots?