Finding the joy in door-step shoots

Diversifying in these weird old times – who isn’t eh? At the start of this lovely lock-down I imagined I’d just down tools, start frantically cleaning and de-cluttering and focus on getting the youngest one to do his schoolwork while keeping everything crossed that a vaccine would be found in a few weeks and I’d be tootling back to work.  Ok – artistic license there, I’m not quite that stupid but I certainly didn’t think I’d be shooting anyone for a good long while.

Then, during a lengthy WhatsApp conversation on our road group (probably regarding cardboard donations for junk modelling or the like) I had the idea of taking the photos of everyone in their doorways as a reminder for us all of these unique strange times. I didn’t realise then that that would actually be my route back into the shooting world and that things would get quite so busy!

So here I am now, having posted some artwork onto the local social media groups – booking in the great and the good of North London and scooting around in my car shooting them all as they emerge looking glorious (having brushed their hair and applied their first dose of make-up in months) to face me looking down the lens at them from my 5 or so metres away (sorry, two metres ain’t good enough for me – I’m a tad neurotic!).  

In the beginning, I was only offering shoots to families and had a huge response to that but now, further down the line and having realised how gorgeous the lighting is as I shoot through the open front door into the dark hallway beyond I’ve been offering it out to anyone needing a great new headshot.  It’s a brilliant way to take your business to the next level, to give it the ‘face’ it deserves – yet not to have to actually leave your home to do it!  And let’s face it, lockdown, relaxed lockdown or no lockdown – none of us really want to leave our houses at all at the moment do we?

I actually think that I’ll be shooting this way for rather a long way to come now – even without this horrid virus, it’s a lovely way to work – and the pictures speak for themselves (though I say so myself! ;))

If you think any of this sounds appealing please do get in touch for a chat – oh and I forgot to add – these doorstep photoshoots are HALF THE PRICE of my normal ones….