The window to your work….

If you had a shop (maybe you do!) would you bother to make your window inviting?  Would you rely instead on the word of mouth and the reviews and just hope those all-important customers walk through that door however shoddy and unappealing the front looks?

Most shop owners know the importance of their shop fronts and will make them as alluring as possible, after all that’s all the potential customer sees as they’re walking past.  If you don’t own a shop but instead run a business with no window to hang your wares in, what do you think will draw in those potential clients?  Will you rely on word of mouth and recommendations purely or does your face and who you are help to draw them in?

No-one wants to invest their time in a faceless business and even in today’s world (or maybe because of today’s world!) who we are and how we make people feel is crucial to getting that gig. Don’t leave that bit out of the equation but think about your brand (yourself) and how you’d like your possible clients to feel when they see the ‘face’ of your company.

That urge to click on your website and to see more about your business is exactly the same as the urge we get when we pass a shop that invites us in.  Make sure you’re not the shop that everyone walks past!