So you’re on there having meetings and clinging on to some communication with the outside world.  You’ve just about worked out how to join in the meeting and are getting there on time – amazingly with all the others even appearing on your screen too.  But are you feeling a little under-exposed on there? A little dark compared to your colleagues or clients who are up there looking sparkly and clear?

It’s worth having a quick review and a little think about how you’re actually lighting yourself before your next meeting so you too can be up there with the best of them – well lit and able to really join in and be represented at your very best.

SO – first thing’s first – no more plonking yourself in front of the window!  The light from behind will render you a literal shadow of yourself! You’ll be a virtual silhouette on there – just a black blob indiscernible to the naked eye.  

If your desk is in front of a window have a little jiggle around before launching yourself onto the public.  The best angle for that lovely natural light from outside (if you have any) is at around 45 degrees in front of your face giving you some soft light without a shadow to the other side of your face.  Now you’ve done that – think about lighting the other side a little.  If you’ve got a desk lamp to hand do the same thing the other side, angling it around 45 degrees again in front of your face.  If your desk isn’t anywhere near a window and you’re on a laptop it may even be worth you taking yourself over to the nearest one.  If not, and you can find another lamp somewhere just bung one where the window should be.

Alternatively, you could always invest in a ring light which will light up your eyes and make you look screen perfect on there!  (So says my tv director hubby who really knows how to light up those anxious actors!)

May have to look into getting one of those myself…..